Saturday, 28 February 2009





Truro (mid Cornwall),

2.30 -4pm

Bilbo’s ‘paw signed’ book: “THE TRUE STORY OF BILBO THE SURF LIFEGUARD DOG”, will also be available at £5.99.

For those who can't make it and would still like their own copy of Bilbo's wonderful book. You can order yours here;

Or if you would like to order yours by telephone please call - 01736 871425

36 pages of Bilbo’s true life story with photos of him from puppy to grown up working lifeguard dog!
An endearing true-life story about
Bilbo a 14 stone chocolate
Newfoundland dog, rehomed
because he was lonely,
but who’s instinct and unique talent
led him to bethe world’s first
qualified lifeguard dog from
Far West Cornwall.


  1. We're sure going to buy your book, Bilbo. You are our hero.

    Satchel & Andrew

  2. Bilbo’s book CAN help prevent drowning in the sea ~

    Cornish Bard, Ann Trevenen Jenkin, co-ordinator of the the 2009 Holyer An Gof Cornish book awards, praises sea safety book.

    A year since its first publication, “The True Story of Bilbo The Surf Lifeguard Dog” is praised as a ‘must ‘ for all schools and youth groups for it’s vital beach and sea safety message - a message which can help prevent drowning in the sea.

    Cornish Bard, Ann Trevenen Jenkin announced at the prestigious Cornish book awards held at Waterstones on the evening of 9th July 2009: [this is an exact quote and she has given the print off of the exact words for press release]

    “To write about animals, especially dogs, is to get immediate attention, and Bilbo already has a high profile in schools and on the beach at Sennen Cove, as well as his website. The book has an important message for all children and adults in Cornwall, as everyone knows the dangers of Cornish surf. Bilbo is a lovable dog, whom we can all relate to in many ways. The important information is well relayed and accurate, the photographs emotive. The book is such an important one, and all schools and youth groups should purchase one and enjoy it.”

    The evening at Waterstones celebrated the publication of over 80 books published in or about Cornwall in 2009. “The True Story of Bilbo The Surf Lifeguard Dog” was one of the four children’s books entered for 2009, and Dom Elliott of Cornish Cove Publishing and Steve Jmo author and owner of Lifeguard Dog Bilbo were thrilled to receive such praise for their book. Author Janeta Hevizi said “I know Bilbo’s message can save lives from drowning in the sea, even if Bilbo himself is not there to do it himself, since this enormous and very fit chocolate Newfoundland has a natural instinct to swim to the rescue in sorts of sea conditions - he’s highly trained and a true pro is Bilbo!”

    “The True Story of Bilbo The Surf Lifeguard Dog”, published by Cornish Cove Publishing can be purchased from Waterstones, Truro £5.99, or direct from the publisher on 01736 871425, or visit