Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bilbo's friends now need your help!! This is YOUR DOG!!

Bilbo's friends now need your help!!
Have you ever gone for a day out to the beach and found your dog is not as welcome as you? If you live near or ever enjoy a visit to the English coast you may have found that dog-friendly beaches are few and far between. This is because increasing numbers of local authorities are banning dogs from their beaches using dog control orders.The Kennel Club is campaigning to keep beaches open to dogs. To have any chance of success we need you to ask your MP to support our amendments to the Marine & Coastal Access Bill. If successful these amendments will prevent local authorities banning dogs from their beaches.To find out how you can help or for more information about the campaign and contacting your MP please visit our website: http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/2179


  1. Hi everyone - thanks again to all of you who still want to see justice done for Bilbo and Steve. Now that it has got out into the open that Bilbo is still not allowed to get on the beach to do his job a beach lifeguard and sea safety education dog, and spread his message of staying safe in the sea, helping to prevent the risk of drowning in the sea, it is now high time that questions are asked and the organisation responsible for continuing to shun Bilbo be made to account for why they take no interest in him - Two people have drowned in the sea in last 2 weeks in Cornwall and the RNLI ought not to continue to create obstacles to Bilbo's powerful ability to help save lives from drowning in the sea - his presence raises awareness and the word spreads. For myself and everyone else who cares about this injustice, it is still a hard fight on our hands, but it begins again now, and a press statement will be released shortly (just getting all the facts together now) apologies if i do not have time to reply to all those interested to again support Bilbo, but i'm pulled in a lot of directions and as ever am trying to stay afloat - which feels worse knowing that Bilbo is not allowed to go and rescue anyone anymore. Sadly all the good news we had in the Spring, that Bilbo's campaign had succeeded has proved to be a whitewash and a lie. Yet people are still drowning off the coast of Cornwall, but the RNLI refuse to let Bilbo continue to spread his sea safety message. All this has had a stressful impact on his owner Steve Jamieson, who has been hounded because of his hound, and rumour has it that they are trying to dismiss him. Bilbo and Steve may not fit the streamline sleek corporate image that the RNLI like to portray, but then drowning in the sea isn't sleek or glossy, and corporate PR is useless when a big sea swirl is about to submerge you and take your life in the sea. BRING BACK BILBO !

  2. Hello everyone, it's now 2014, and Bilbo is starting his new campaign in time for the summer season. Bilbo would love his fans to be onboard. TEAM BILBO will raise awareness about how to stay safe by water, especially in the sea and at the coast. More updates to follow over the next few weeks xxxx